In addition to the classic psychological counseling, it is possible to attend psychological workshops and trainings. As sanitary restrictions do not currently allow larger gatherings, it is possible to attend psychological trainings individually or in smaller groups of 3 to 4 people. 

Current psychological trainings are: 

I. Training of assertive communication and self-confidence. 

Topic 1. Communication styles (passive, aggressive, assertive behavior and communication). Topic 2. Destructive roles (Savior, Victim, Persecutor). 

Topic 3. Styles of assertive communication and raising self-confidence. 

Topic 4. Assertive and other life rights. 

II. Training of deep psychophysical relaxation and stress relief with an introduction to spiritual psychology

Topic 1. All faces of stress. Detection of unwanted conditions. 

Topic 2. Techniques of meditation and deep relaxation. 

Topic 3. Purpose, visualization, setting goals and desired states. 

Topic 4. Removing obstacles on the way to goals. Forgiveness, indulgence, elimination of toxic emotions and their replacement with functional healthy emotions. 

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