We all have those moments when the ego overpowers our true nature and we don't know why we suddenly became the way we are ... Many will refuse to seek the help of a psychologist, because it is an admission to oneself that something is wrong ... You will not have such a feeling with Milana ... With a lot of empathy, you will see in her a friend, who will tell you that everything is fine with you. And without personal views or condemnation, just asking questions that lead you to the core of the problem, and by giving honest answers to those questions, everything will suddenly become clear. Milana once told me: "You think that at your age it is too late for everyone, and if you live at least until the 80s, you will be unhappy for many, many more years." She also once told me, "Are you aware of what you have? All the tools for happiness are in your hands!" I think those two statements helped me the most. She encouraged me to work on myself, to find affinities that fulfill me, to see the principles of behavior that draw me into a vicious circle. Mild, always smiling, in a space that, by a miracle for Luxembourg, was always bright and warm, she managed to bring back the desire for life in me, and look ... I became a happy woman!

Alex, Luxembourg

I came across Milana quite by accident, via a Facebook post. A little research later piqued my curiosity and I made an appointment. It didn't take me long to realize that we "clicked" and that working with her would help me. She came across a period when I was going through extreme, paralyzing panic attacks. With her advice and, above all, understanding the essence of the problem, I got out of it even faster than I thought possible. Milana is a deep professional, who leads to hard decisions on the way to psychotherapy goals. Sometimes it is not easy, but it is definitely worth the peace in yourself that comes when the goal is achieved. 

All recommendations for a great psychologist!

Snezana, Vienna

Milana, as a psychologist, is in the first place, a very kind, gentle and great person. Personally, I feel great confidence in front of her, which is, in my opinion, extremely important in this type of relation where it comes to subjects that include soul, heart, and psyche. I gained that trust for the reason that so far, through our conversations, I have never ever experienced that she blamed, criticized, condemned, not a single word that I said. Moreover, she has always provided a great empathy and understanding, and thus makes this situation much easier for me: because I get that feeling that I am well understood, which means a lot in difficult moments. I have a feeling that I can share with her all the intimate details of my life, without any fear. She tries to understand, she remember everything told and come to the right, professional conclusion, which will bring a solution to you, or will calm you down in some of your feelings and states that oppress and torment you. I can wholeheartedly advise you this wonderful soul ♥️

Novi Sad, Serbia

I met Milana a little less than a decade ago, when in moments of dissatisfaction with the effects of anti-depressant and anxiety drugs, and the desire to try something different, I came to assertiveness training. The warmth, understanding and sensitivity I recieved from her meant so much to me that I considered her my first life teacher. It was not easy to face myself and take responsibility for my own life, but her approach and all her care helped me to persevere on that path. In working with her, I dispelled some misconceptions, learned that I don’t have to be what others expect of me, that I have the right to disagree and live a peaceful life, that others don’t have to share my opinion and that I have the opportunity to chose how I will live my life. My life is much better now when I know I have my rights in addition to my obligations. She awakened in me the desire to learn and grow, and in accordance with the opinion that my mother gave birth to me for the first time, and I was born for the second time, I feel grateful to Milana for attending my birth pains  ♥️


Years go by, we grow and progress on our spiritual path and personal development… we pass this path seemingly alone, and if we are aware, on that path we meet and share space and being with wonderful beings who enter our lives, to contribute in a miraculous way, with their light and energy, our life and development, and thus our global, universal development. One of such Wise and Great Stars is Milana for me. First of all, thank you Milana for entering my life. It’s been 10 years, we met in Belgrade and I still vividly remember our meetings, conversations, her excellent education and the wonderful cooperation we achieved and maintained to the great satisfaction of all participants. I remember Milana as determined, brave, person who knows her way and selflessly and generously gives her knowledge, energy and love to people with whom she shares and exchanges it all. She is persevering, gentle, and consistent at the same time and most importantly, conscious and present at every moment, which is above all healing among people. Following your work and development, I see remarkable progress both professionally and personally. A big Thank you for being such a contribution to the world. Thank you Milana, for being exactly the way you are, for encouraging us to be the best version of our selves. What else is possible and how can it be better? Thanks heaven for all the miracles!

Costa Rica

My first consultation was back in 2012. I needed to talk to someone who would understand my problems, because my diagnosis was anxiety depressive disorder. Through counseling, I gained self-confidence, self-esteem, I think positively, I am happy, I have no fear of communication. All this thanks to Dr. Milana Zorić, who I would recommend to anyone who needs help.

Novi Sad

I was excited to receive the news about the opening of the office of psychologist Milana Zoric. On that occasion, I will share my experience with her and support her in her first steps in this region. I have been her client since February. From the moment I decided to divorce, it was also a decision to hire a psychologist. Although I went through a lot on my own, and brought some new views of the world, I thought that I needed someone's objective and professional supervision and opinion. I came to her contact by accident (if anything in life is accidental) and at the same time from two sides. Which confirmed to my instinct that there was no mistake. Already during the first meeting, I felt free and confident to present my situation. What is not crucial, but it is certainly helpful, at least for me personally, is that we speak the same mother tongue. Also, she went through the path of adjustment, family formation and re-professional engagement in the new environment, just like me. It also contributed to a better understanding of my life path. Flexibility in arranging time and place of seeing also made it easier for me to organize my free time. What suits me in Milana's approach is tolerance, unobtrusiveness, but still determination in asking certain questions, so that we can decide for ourselves what is best for us. What do we really want and what decisions can we deal with. Without imposing criteria of what is good and what is bad. Because something like that really doesn't exist, except for our decision to characterize something as such. She does not adhere strictly to the cause-and-effect relations of psychology, but takes everything into account. She also touches on the spiritual dimension, which is closer to me, but I am sure that she would adapt to the affinities of each person, if that leads her to the answers. She does not force or lean in any direction specifically, although she uses transactional analysis as a basis. It lets the person decide for themselves, with her guidance and careful listening, which open up space for trust and security. Communication soon became two-way. That is, she was interested in what helped me personally in my development. What I read, used and how I helped myself. Which indicated that she, as a psychologist, wants to constantly develop and, by getting to know human experiences, improve her work and insight into the overall reasons for the emergence and disappearance of various situations or states of consciousness. She knows that classical education is not enough and that the best teachers are interpersonal relationships. Milana grows up together with her client to the mutual joy. Good luck, Milana!

Nevena Bačevac
Luxembourg 10/10/2020

Via her Facebook page, during the corona virus pandemic, I found information on topics that Milana deals with, which were completely close to me and in which she is an expert, primarily thinking about working on self-confidence and assertive behavior. After only 3, 4 sessions via Skype, I felt that something started to change in my behavior, that I felt better in my own skin and that when I met other people I was no longer so embarrassed when I needed to oppose someone's views or express some of my dissatisfaction. Maybe for some this is a trifle, but for me it was a huge shift in my life, considering that I have been struggling with anxiety since I know for myself, especially during public appearances or informal speeches in front of a group of people. What I like about Milana's approach, in addition to her mild personality, is her expertise, which instills confidence that I am on the right path when resolving my internal conflicts. I like that every now and then during our meetings, she says that some of my condition that I find strange is actually completely human and normal. I can be what I am in front of her. It helps me to "practice" my desired behavior in her presence first, so that I know how to behave when I am out there in unpleasant and challenging situations. I recommend Milana as a psychologist, as a person who has gathered enough personal and professional experience during her life and work to be able to help with a wide range of everyday problems. From my heart.


I met Milana few years ago, when I fell into an anxiety state due to my autoimmune disease. I can say all the best for her. One wonderful, simple, but in her job a professional who simply captivates with her appearance. She helped me fight and overcome fear, the helplessness I feel when I am in a state of anxiety. Milana gives wonderful advice, guidelines in what way to help ourselves, but also how to help others around us. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Novi Sad

I attended the workshops "Assertive Communication", "Emotional Literacy", "Positive Psychology" and "Habits of Successful People" during my studies. First workshop, assertive communication training, I enrolled perhaps mostly by curiosity. It didn't take long to understand the value of the acquired knowledge, so I enrolled in the remaining workshops that Milana led in that period. In an interesting way, she introduced us to the emotions, interpersonal relationships and healthy living habits that are the foundation of any success. We, the participants of the workshops, got to know each other by talking about problematic communications and situations from our lives in which we did not cope best. We have learned that there are situations that are beyond our control, situations that we cannot influence, as well as those that we can change with a little will and effort. My sincere recommendation for the workshops and the wonderful psychologist Milana Zoric who will guide you through this story with a lot of warmth, understanding and patience… ♥♥

Novi Sad

"I met Milana at the Assertive Communication training in Belgrade, organized by the Psihopolis Institute. Already during the first meeting, I realized that Milana is a great psychologist, the training was great and she gave me a handful of very useful insights into why we behave in a certain way, how to understand each other better and generally how to be better. Personally, I was driven by the desire to recognize my own "mechanisms", to better understand my emotions and my behavior, as well as to resolve certain relationships that were difficult and painful for me. That is why I decided to pursue also individual sessions with Milana, which were extremely important to me, made me aware and helped me solve some things very concretely. With Milana and with her help, my work on my own psychological health actually began, she is truly my "first window" into the world of psychology. "

Ivana K.

Thank you Milana for meeting you! Thank you for all your kindness and positive energy you gave me. Thank you for choosing this particular job, and for doing it with joy, empathy and patience. With your help, I learned to be assertive. I never have a problem when I have to say no. You taught me to stand up for my rights, to say it if I don't think it's right. Thank you for everything. Now I always clearly state my opinion, and yet I do not lose friends and I do not cause disappointment in others. I don’t hurt them because you taught me how to talk properly. My best example was burnt pizza 😊. I remember many times your advice and how you told me all that, with a gentle smile, a calm voice. Working with you has been relaxing and yet so valuable to my self-esteem. Thanks again.