WHAT IS PANIC DISORDER? Panic disorder can occur at any time in life. Panic disorder is the occurrence of repeated panic attacks, a deep emotional and cognitive disorder, which can seriously damage the life of an individual and the lives of his loved ones. The causes of panic attacks can be multiple and must be […]


The most common roles that prevent us from behaving confidently, and achieving good relationships with people are the Savior, the Persecutor, and the Victim. Entering one of these roles usually means moving to another, then to a third role. For example, in a person who is constantly at the service and helping others even more […]

Psychological DRIVERS

In psychotherapy, we often touch on one of the important topics related to the psychological phenomenon that is universal and noticeable in most people through their behaviors, and it is the phenomenon of psychological drivers, hounds that cause a person to behave in certain ways. Primarily during our childhood, and later during life, we take […]